United Polaris  A Comprehensive Guide to The Airlines  New Business Class


When it comes to business class, there is no shortage of airlines competing for your

attention. Even if you are operating in an ultra-competitive market, differentiation can be

found in the smallest of details. Whether it’s a new type of amenity kit or a unique food

menu, airlines are innovating and creating memorable experiences to stand out from the

crowd. One airline that has made great strides towards being remembered is United

Polaris – the latest offering by United Airlines. It brings together many aspects of its

competitors and makes them better. In this guide, we go through everything you need to

know about Polaris: how it stands out from other business classes, its amenities and its

partner airlines.

What’s Different About United Polaris?

The first thing that sets Polaris apart from other airlines is its product – the seat. This is

a fully-recline-able business class seat with direct aisle access. There is no middle seat,

and the seat width is noticeably wider than the other business class products out there.

While this is a really nice seat, it is not the only difference between United and its

competitors. The second thing that sets United apart is its amenities. The selection is

not as broad as some other carriers, but it is all top-quality. The amenity kit, socks and

noise-cancelling headphones were all designed by Polar, United’s in-house design

team. Compared to some other carriers’ offerings, these items are very simple, but they

are also very functional. The headphones are noise-cancelling and come with extra

batteries; the socks are nice and thick; and the amenity kit is minimalistic but functional,

featuring a toothbrush, earplugs, eye mask, lip balm and hand lotion. Polaris is also

different from its competitors in its food and drink offerings. Polaris features single-class

service and a full meal service. The menus are designed by the same team that creates

menus for United’s First Class and Business Class. You can choose between two main

courses, a starter and a dessert. The drink menu is extensive and features unusual


New Amenities in United Polaris

The new United Polaris amenities are designed by the airline’s in-house design team

Polar. The amenity kit, socks and noise-cancelling headphones have all been designed

to reflect the theme of the new product. The theme is “Reflections on Flying,” and it

aims to explore the emotions and feelings associated with flying. The colours are mainly

cool tones of blue, grey, and silver – to reflect the mood of flying as a moment of

solitude. The materials used are also soft – such as organic cotton and cashmere – to

evoke a feeling of warmth and comfort. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the new

amenities: – Organic cotton amenity kit with a cashmere hand warmer – Cashmere

socks – Noise-cancelling headphones – Lavender eye pillow – Hairbrush – Lotion and

toothbrush – Glass water bottle

Food & Beverage in United Polaris

The food and beverage offerings on United Polaris are designed by its First and

Business Class menus team. This is an indication of the high level of quality Polaris will

set. The menu is available in both First and Business, but the beverage menu can only

be enjoyed in Business Class. The menu is split into three sections: snacks, appetizers,

and entrees. The snack selection is not as extensive as the other sections, but it is a

good selection of light bites. The appetizer selection offers a mixture of hot and cold

dishes, some of which are shared. The entrees are a selection of delicious dishes.

Every section has plenty of options for vegetarians and people with dietary restrictions.

The beverage menu is extensive and features unusual cocktails. The selection includes

a wide range of spirits, cocktails, red and white wines, Champagne, beer, non-alcoholic

beverages, coffees, and teas. The beverage menu is divided into sections to make it

easy to navigate. You can also choose from three different menus: Asian, For the Skies,

and Ocean.

Partnerships in United Polaris

One of the defining characteristics of United Polaris is its partnerships. This extends to

both onboard and in-flight offerings. In Business Class, the bar is stocked with spirits

from Diageo’s premium alcohol collection. These include John Walker & Sons,

Buchanan’s and a selection of Smirnoff and Guinness drinks. The wine selection is

stocked with high-quality wines from SEND Wine. These are all served in Diageo’s

premium stemware. For meals and snacks, United has partnered with the French pastry

brand Ladurée. All the sweets, macarons and pastries in Business Class are from

Ladurée. They are served in custom-designed trays that are made of steel and red

velvet. The menus for snacks and meals are designed by the same team that creates

menus for United’s First Class and Business Class.

How to Earn and Use Your Miles for UA Polaris

The best way to experience United Polaris is to earn miles and redeem them for a ticket

in Polaris. Earning miles for Polaris is not any different from earning miles for other

classes, but the redemption is. With Polaris, United has introduced a new award chart, a

new program and a new way of earning miles. The new award chart is more generous

than the old chart. Most destinations can be flown in Polaris, but there are some

exceptions. The new program is called Global Extra. You can earn miles in the Global

Extra program and redeem them for Polaris flights.


The new United Polaris is a huge step forward for United Airlines. It sets itself apart

from other carriers with its partnerships and onboard offerings. It also has a new and

improved award chart that is more generous than the previous one. United is a very

competitive airline, and with Polaris, it is poised to take off.

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